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Yahoo home page not updating

The revamp comes at a time when more consumers than ever are reading the day’s news on their smartphones.Notes Yahoo SVP Simon Khalaf, usage of mobile news and magazine applications increased 141 percent in 2015.For starters, Yahoo says that you’ll no longer have to open stories in multiple browser tabs, but can instead scroll through related stories inline.It has also replaced an earlier personalization tool – the plus sign ( ), which told the site you wanted to see more stories like the current one in the future – with a more immediate favoriting mechanism: a heart.(These examples were pulled from one single comments section, in fact!) There’s a reason why many publishers pulled the plug on the commenting cess pool and let social media claim the peanut gallery for its own.

(A Yahoo account, of course, is required for that).

That gives us a broader view into your interests,” says Khalaf.

This can also help to deliver different angles on the same story to readers, he notes.

Yahoo has replaced Ask in a new deal that could potentially convert millions of Java users to Yahoo from their current default choice, which is likely Google for most users.

When users download the latest Java update from Oracle, it has a checkbox, which is checked by default that says it will “Set Yahoo as your homepage and default search engine on all browsers, plus get Yahoo as your new tab page on Firefox and Chrome.”Here is what the install notice looks like when installing the Java update.

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For example, in the past, a story about Tina Fey’s return to SNL to again mock Sarah Palin may have pointed you to other stories about “Tina Fey” or “SNL.” But following the update, Yahoo’s algorithms should understand that you’re also potentially interested in topics like the U. elections, GOP news, and Palin’s endorsement of Trump.

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